sustainability & ethics

Everyone deserve to own well-fitting lingerie, and we're on a mission to provide it to you while using deadstock fabric, natural fibers like silk and cotton, and minimize waste. 

But What does that mean?


We're proud to be partnered with One tree planted. For every item purchased on our website, one dollar will be donated to plant a tree in depleted forests all across the globe. 


Whether it's business cards made from recycled cotton t-shirts or shipping boxes made from 100% post-consumer waste, we've gotten creative with sourcing recycled packaging supplies. No trees were harmed in the making of your order! 

Wage ethics

Every single Queen of Suburbia garment was made by a skilled craftswoman who was paid a living wage for her labor, in our safe and clean studio in Hamilton, Ontario



Producing all garments in-house has allowed us to expand Queen of Suburbia responsibly, reducing waste wherever possible and encouraging the conscious consumption of fewer, made-to-last pieces. Find us saving scrap fabric for cutting, choosing deadstock fabrics, and repurposing fabrics. 

How are you responsibly sourcing fabrics?

We often buy 'deadstock' fabric, leftovers from mass manufacturing that would otherwise be thrown away. We also choose natural fibers over manmade ones, which reduces the use of environmentally-damaging dyes, and resource-draining plastics.  

What are you doing to reduce waste?

Because each of our garments are made to order, we produce exactly what's needed. This means that no sellable garments go to waste, and encourages careful consumption as we have no stock, therefore no need for an end-of-season clear out sale. 

What's special about Queen of Suburbia Lingerie?

Each piece is carefully constructed, from draft to the final stitch, by skilled craftswomen who love creating pieces that are made to last. This not only means less waste in a landfill, but also that you'll get a piece that can last for years to come with the right care.