Our bespoke lingerie is made just for you and gives you the opportunity to customize style, color, and finishings on your very own made-to-order piece of lingerie. Below you'll find an outline of our bespoke process.
To get one started for yourself, email hello[@] 


During the consultation, we discuss things like preferences, budget, and deadlines. Once we have all of that sorted, we can begin to discuss styles and sizing.


We believe that visual representations are critical when conveying ideas. That's why we computerize the designs discussed during the consultation and show them to you for approval.



Once you've decided on a style for you, we move onto selecting appropriate fabrics to best showcase the design and to best fit you. It's during this stage that you can customize hardware colors, padding, and linings. 


This is where it all happens! Every part of your dream lingerie is made by hand by a small team of highly-skilled seamstresses. Each element of your design is considered and executed to maximize longevity of the garment without sacrificing aesthetic. 


This is when your garments are just about complete and are missing a hem turn, a bow or two, or perhaps some hand-sewn buttons. If requested, we send a photo of the the near-finished piece for approval and for the final say on things like bow placements, strap colors, and other finishings that may have been left undecided in the initial design process. 


Each Queen of Suburbia order is packaged by hand after a thorough inspection process. It's given a final press, wrapped up, placed neatly into its box, and is then shipped off to its new owner.