Lingerie Revisited

Born in 2016, Queen of Suburbia is driven by craftsmanship, comfort, and wearability. Rich textiles, supple laces, and luxe hardware is the framework of each design. Combine that with comfort, simple care, and an excellent fit, and you've got Queen of Suburbia.

Each piece is made in Toronto by a small team of skilled artisans who have years of experience and are wildly passionate about lingerie making. 


We source our materials from across the globe- laces from France, jerseys from Italy, elastics from Japan, and Power Mesh from right here in Canada. 

All components used in Queen of Suburbia lingerie have undergone various tests to show how each part wears and tears. We're completely confident that everything used in our garments is comfortable and will hold up wash after wash, from our jewelry-quality hardware to our resilient elastics.

Why Lingerie?

We know that when you have a good foundation, your outfit will look good, you'll feel good, and you'll be comfortable and confident all day long. Plus, even if no one will ever see it, the most important person in your life will- you! 


Queen of Suburbia aims to minimize our environmental footprint. That's why we've chosen business cards made from recycled cotton t-shirts, boxes, tissue, and thank you notes that are made of 100% recycled content.  


When you support Queen of Suburbia, know that in doing so you're ensuring that the skilled people involved in making your lingerie are paid fairly for their work and craftsmanship.