We're inspired by bright, bold colors and unique prints. Simplicity with a modern touch is what we aim to create with every piece. Rich textiles, supple laces, and luxe hardware is the framework of each design. Each garment is made to order in Canada with precision and is made to ascend trends. These are pieces that you'll reach for every day, and that years later, you'll still have.


Championing exceptional quality at every component, we use delicate yet durable materials that are both comfortable and functional.

Cut from patterns developed by hand, each garment is carefully drafted with strategical seaming and undergoes the most rigorous testing before it's released to consumers - being worn all day, every day by our in-house team. 





I used to be an English major in University. I'd dreamed of being a writer since I knew you could be one professionally, and went to school to 'follow my dreams'. It was in that school that I discovered another passion of mine - sewing. I learned that I loved creating wearable things, lingerie specifically. I made a lot of really ugly things that even my mom didn't like, before I got pretty good. Then, I got really good. I worked every day for about two years drafting and sewing, while seeds of what would become Queen of Suburbia planted themselves in my head. I taught myself how to draft, sew, and market my products and slowly but surely, Queen of Suburbia came to be. 

Eventually I went to fashion school, but by then I was working full-time on my company and had to withdraw in my final semester due to an increasing demand for my products that I was struggling to keep up with. 


That was four years ago and it's been exciting to see how the brand has grown and I can't wait to see what the future has for us.